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Will Deplorables Become Ungovernable in 2021?

The boyz in the “Club” want you to believe that the top threats to America in 2021 are China, Russia, and Iran.  However, they fail to mention their justified fear of how Deplorables become Ungovernable.

You can credit Hillary in 2016 for labeling the majority of the population as “Deplorables.”

Ironically (or NOT) it cost her the election.


And her condescending nature actually galvanized many Americans to wear the label “Deplorable” as a badge of honor.

Deplorables Become Ungovernable

So, as the uncertainty of 2021 approaches, the $64 Billion question remains:  Will Deplorables become Ungovernable?

Based on the prospects of a Biden/Harris administration, the answer is YES.

The Supreme Court decision of NOT recognizing the lawsuit over voter fraud in Pennsylvania has destroyed their credibility in most American eyes.

It’s now Catch 22 for the Democrats.


Even prominent Democrats realize that the fix was in from the beginning on the election.

Their error was to steal too many votes.

And it’s an indictment to the whole system that’s always been corrupt.

So now the problem is that the U.S. Army doesn’t want to intervene as their soldiers may not obey orders.


There are many who are sympathetic with most Americans/Deplorables as the U.S. falls apart in lockdowns.

Deplorables Want Biden’s Laptop

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s laptop – with evidence of dodgy dealings with China and sex with underage Chinese girls – won’t vanish from public scrutiny.

And he’s under four different federal investigations.

Deep State Dystopia

Our election has made it obvious for the world to see the astonishing depth and power of the DEEP STATE in America.

But here’s where it gets dicey.

And our options become dire:


  1. The election stands, even if it’s considered fraudulent by over half of the U.S. population.
  2. Should the election somehow be overturned before January 20th (see Insurrection Act HERE), the DEEP STATE would go into Shock and Awe mode to finish the job.


And if that happens, the Deplorables will become Ungovernable.

So, imagine the impact this may have on the markets.

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A Map of Deplorables vs Biden Fans


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