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Scared Stupid

It’s pretty hard to summarize everything we’ve seen in 2020 in a few words.  But based on how the sheeple have responded to many draconian government measures, you could say that they’ve been Scared Stupid.

The picture that comes to mind is the proverbial “Deer in the Headlights” stare.

A lot of this robot mindset came from the lies submitted about the CoronaHoax from Dr. Frauduci himself.

He even admitted that he has lied about herd immunity to try to manipulate society to get the vaccine.

And, if you recall, at the beginning he stated that MASKS DO NOT WORK.

However, he flip flops his opinions to match the political agenda of a nefarious group of megalomaniacs.

The real objective behind masks and social distancing is to keep people from civil unrest.


Being Scared Stupid

Keeping everyone scared of each other helps prevent them from talking and sharing their opinions.

At the same time, Oligarchs like Klaus Schwab are telling you that if you don’t accept his 2030 agenda, there will be revolutions.

Meanwhile, masks and social distancing are creating a permanent psychological impact on far too many people.

Ironically (or NOT) from this point on, these are the people who will look at others (you) as being a threat to their personal health.

So, Creeps like Schwab, Gates, and Soros don’t want you to travel anywhere without their approval.  Unless, of course you present your “Certificate of Vaccination.”

They want you to be scared stupid to the point where they force you to accept only digital currency – starting in 2021 in Europe – as a way to track everything you do.

This will wreak havoc on the markets.

However, these globalists will ultimately fail in their attempt to take over the world by trying to manipulate the markets.

And at the same time present you with opportunities of a lifetime if you learn how to LISTEN to the Markets.

Get on board in 2021 by becoming a member of our “…In Plain English” group.

We’ll show you how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times (HERE).

And remember:  It’s Not Just About Finance.



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