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Allow me to start this column with a statement that will set the tone for what you’re about to read.

You’ve probably heard it before but maybe not in the context of how we apply it to investing. It’s going to help you see things with a “new set of eyes.”


OK, here it is…” The Passions of Man Never Change.”

Simple enough?


And this statement is especially true in the investment world. Fear, greed and lust for wealth and power have been around since the origins of man. Only the players have changed.

With that in mind we’re going to show you how everything moves in cycles…Everything. And if you want to understand how cycles work you must study the past.

This helps you connect the dots in the global puzzle we live in.

My colleagues and I created, and specifically our newsletter, to address many of the unanswered questions the public has about Wall Street. (Most of which gets swept under the rug).

By doing so we’re burning our bridges with the financial industry. They (the elite “Club” operating behind the scenes) would prefer we keep quiet about what we know. For that reason, we prefer to “fly under the radar.”

However, we believe you deserve to know the truth about how the system really works…and our goal is to explain it to you “…In plain English.”

Every society in history has always had “kooks, weirdos, whackos (insert your favorite label)” or people many considered “different.”

And we’ve all known, seen, or heard characters like this before. But have you ever looked back and thought, “That one strange fellow was actually right when he ranted about…”

Well, we don’t consider ourselves weirdos (although we can be a bit kooky at times). But we do believe you’ll profit immensely from our real life/wacky experiences on Wall Street.

Let the games begin.

And thanks for joining us on this Journey.

James Vincent,

Editor and World Leader in Simplifying Wall Street

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