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Deplorable and Disposable vs Despicable

All of you Deplorables out there (including the staff of Financial$Matter) know what this fight is about.

The Despicables are the evil ones.

The Disposables are the innocent ones.

Let me explain.

  1. Deplorables…Before Hillary Clinton called over 50% of the nation “deplorable” for supporting Trump, this group was recognized as conservative.  Their traditional values of believing in families, supporting our Constitution/America, belief in God, and standing up for righteous causes somehow became offensive to certain political groups.
  2. Disposables…It’s totally mind boggling how this group has become an afterthought.  I’m referring to a defenseless unborn child in their mother’s womb.  To make matters worse, the same child isn’t protected from murder even after they are born. 
  3.  Despicables…You probably figured out by now that this is the group who believe in infanticide…killing babies after they are born.  Not only do they cheer when states pass laws legalizing this heinous activity, they remain unfazed about severing baby body parts while they’re still alive.

This is pure evil.

If you’re not offended by this and/or the politicians who endorse this you’re either blind or you don’t care.

What’s next from here?

Grandma and Grandpa are next because they’ll no longer be seen as necessary…which makes them Disposable too.

They’ll be considered a burden to society…an unnecessary expense. 

Ironically, Baby Boomers make up the fastest growing segment of seniors.

Here’s the good news.

Despicables are, by far, the minority.

History shows that when a majority is “awake,” the chances of a minority taking over are slim to none.

The key is to be awake to what’s happening.

Don’t sit silent and shake your head about this.

SAY SOMETHING…even if it offends someone.  Otherwise you might be next on the Disposable list.

This is a fight worth fighting and we’ll show you how in our March Newsletter.

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