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Triumvirate Trio Testing Turbulent Times









As we say goodbye and good riddance to 2020, we predict that the triumvirate trio (see photo above) will be testing turbulent times in 2021.

However, we also see 2021, When the Great Reset and Food Shortages Hit Home, loaded with chaos AND opportunity.

Cue up the aggressive Globalist/Communist agenda of the Triumvirate Trio who believe they can control the world by manipulating the global economy.

Bad News Testing Turbulent Times

The bad news is these fools will continue to wreak havoc across the globe by destroying businesses and telling you, “You will own nothing, and you’ll be happy about it.”

It’s all part of the World Economic Forum’s agenda 2030.

And the psychological damage – along with the alarming increase in suicides from depression and starvation – will far surpass deaths from the CoronaHoax.

Ironically (or NOT) they’ve already stated that they want to reduce the world’s population by 10-15%.

Do the math.

15% of 7 Billion people equals over 1 Billion deaths.

And we’re supposed to “…own nothing, and be happy about it?”


The odds of people being “…happy about it” are slim to none.

And slim left town a long time ago.

Good News in Testing Turbulent Times

But here’s the good news.

The globalists plan will ultimately fail.


First, these people are academics with NO experience in the markets.

Second, money ALWAYS seeks the safest landing spot…especially in Turbulent Times.

Third, Socialism/Communism has NEVER worked.

Fourth, they don’t understand that once everything is torn apart there will be No “return to normal.”

Fifth, the financial capital of the world will accelerate its move to the Eastern Heir Apparent…China.


Triumvirate Trio Testing Turbulent Times and Food Shortages

If you buy into the idea of Turbulent Times and food shortages in 2021 then you should definitely be buying stocks in the food business.

That’s a no-brainer.

But which ones should you buy?

Start with companies involved with producing, transporting, and selling food.

And if you want specific recommendations, be sure to read our January issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

Remember:  It’s Not Just About Finance

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