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Measles Vaccine vs Covid

No one ever talks about the Measles vaccine.


And that is because it has not been a problem for many years.

But do you know the history behind the Measles vaccine?


True story:


Way back in 1900 the number of people that died from Measles was 13.3 out of 100,000.

By 1940 it had declined to 0.5 out of 100,000, and by 1960 the mortality rate declined to as low as 0.2 per 100,000.


Question:  What year was the “Measles Vaccine” introduced in the US?


If you guessed 1963 you win the prize.




That’s right.


60 years ago.


And it was after measles was reduced down to 0.2 deaths per 100,000.


This totally dispels the false belief that Vaccines have eliminated most of the major infectious diseases.


And it’s one of the 3 BIG LIES being propagated in modern society by the Boyz in the “Club.”


The other two?


  1. Global warming is caused by C02 emissions
  2. The earth is unsustainably overpopulated and human population must be reduced or we will all die


So, addition to comparing the Covid-19 Vax with other “treatments for disastrous diseases” consider this:


  1. There is no VAX for HIV…after 40 years of research
  2. And there is no VAX for Cancer after more than 100 years of research
  3. Toss in that there is no Vax for the common cold.



But a virus mysteriously appears (Cough! Wuhan lab, Cough! Cough!) and within 12 months a “VAX” is found by FOUR Pig Pharma Boyz…all within one week.


And many people were mandated to take it.



Measles vs Covid



At the risk of being censored, again (and being called conspiracy theorists, again) here are a few names that YOU should do some fact checking on.


Because if YOU find out for yourself what we’re referring to, you will form your own opinion without media bias… and we are convinced you will seriously doubt whether the Covid-19 shot is really a vaccine.


And we suggest you do not use Google or Edge as your search engine (for obvious reasons).


So, in no particular order:


  1. Who is Michael Yeadon? (Hint…former Pfizer exec)
  2. Who is David Martin? (journalist)
  3. Who is Robert Malone? (physician and biochemist)
  4. Who is Steve Kirsch? (entrepreneur businessman)




The bottom line here?


Covid was the dress rehearsal for WW3.


And they will both be in your face soon.


Unfortunately, they both will be used to take away more of your rights and privileges.


Think we’re making this up?


Read our Tin-Foil Times column and decide for yourself (HERE).


Share this with a friend…even if they don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:


We’re Not Just About Finance

But we use finance to give you hope.





Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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