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Saturday Rant…More Taxes to Save…


To no one’s surprise, the Globalists are calling for more taxes to fight climate change and poverty.




Ironically (or NOT) everyone cheers when the suggestion is to tax someone else.

But everyone is shocked when the rules expand and everyone experiences rising taxation.


And the war mongering Global collaborative efforts – such as war – go against the very problems government agencies claim to combatting.


Translation:  They are deliberately increasing the price of living while simultaneously increasing our taxes.


But for some reason, the sheeple never seem to catch on to this madness…until it is too late.


Because once the Boyz succeed in stealing more taxes from us, they rarely decrease these egregious policies.


And with us in today’s rant we have Pretty In Pink (PiP) to give us her thoughtful opinion on global taxation.

So, take it away PiP.





Hi James.  And I’m sure you heard how last week, Brazil’s Fernando Haddad and France’s Bruno Le Maire said that billionaires should see their wealth decline by 2% (at minimum) every year.


 “In a world where economic activities are increasingly transnational, we have to find new and creative ways to tax these activities [and] thus direct the revenues to common global endeavours such as ending hunger and poverty and fighting climate change,” said Haddad.

Le Marie spoke of GLOBAL TAXATION efforts as “a matter of efficiency and a matter of justice.” “Everybody has to pay his fair share of taxation,” he added.

And the guy who has NEVER had a job in his life, career politician Bernie Sanders is also in full support of the proposal.

These people are just plain nuts.

And they want us to believe they can save the world by simply increasing taxes.

But listen to what they are actually saying.

A collective global entity would like to collect funds from citizens of individual nations through taxation.


This is way beyond taxation without representation as they are discussing eliminating personal wealth.

And that is so those within the one world order can spend their looted funds as they see fit.

Let me make it very simple to understand…Government spending is the main problem we face today.

And it’s a well-known fact that monetary policy could never keep up with fiscal policy.

 But somehow politicians are content on raising taxes until the people have nothing left.

The most recent AND classic example of this is staring us in the face.

Somehow, the government found a way to house and feed millions of migrants as soon as they entered the country.

So why can’t they implement other programs to combat poverty?

The billions funneled to Ukraine, could have easily been spent elsewhere.

Instead, we are creating multi-trillion-dollar packages to combat naturally occurring weather patterns.

And IF taxation worked then these problems should have been solved long ago.

It is all a mere game and we are the pawns.

And what’s really interesting is how China and Russia ARE NOT getting in on this bandwagon.

Which makes me believe that they are content to watch the US and the rest of the Western World collapse under the weight of their own debt.

I’m afraid you are right in your assessment of how we’re on the brink of WW3.

Maybe we should tax the Military Industrial Complex from all the new business they’re getting from this.


Thanks, Pip.


And you are spot on about the MIC.


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