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Earth Day Or 3 Years Before We Die

The official story behind Earth Day reads as follows:



The origin of Earth Day can be traced back to 1970. 

The idea behind the event originated from Gaylord Nelson, a US senator, and Denis Hayes, a Harvard student. They were both deeply disturbed by the deteriorating environment in the United States.




But the real story is how the above mentioned hijacked their idea for Earth Day from a bunch of pot smoking hippies who were far more vocal than any politician when came to concerns over the environment.


And just like today, politicians back then were bought and paid for by the Big Oil Companies so it went against their better judgement wallets to rock the boat.


However, some politicians saw an opportunity to capture some of the rebellious youth vote and jumped on the “Earth Day” bandwagon.


The rest, as they say, is history.


Ironically (or NOT) many of those hippies of the 1970s are the same nut cases today leading the charge on how Climate Change will destroy the earth by 2027.


The difference today is they wear nice suits and take baths on a regular basis.


Maybe Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead were prophetic with their hit song Truckin when they sang…



“What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been”




Seriously, 54 years later and these nuts swear we will all die in just 3 years.


They holler how the sea levels are rising and will kill millions along the coast lines.


But a few photos from the history books proves that wrong.





If anything is causing sea levels to rise it is probably because we now have too many fat people going in the ocean…as opposed to skinny people from the 1970s.



But seriously, the hippies who morphed into greedy politicians and/or climate change profiteers know that the real answers behind the climate change madness goes back to an old Wall Street adage…



Follow the Money



So, whether you celebrate Earth Day or not, you can’t help but see the irony of its origins and what it has become today.


And to this day The Grateful Dead lyrics resonate more than way back in the 1970s.



… Truckin’ – Got My Chips Cashed In
Keep Truckin’ – Like The Doodah Man
Together – More Or Less In Line
Just Keep Truckin’ On



And BTW, if you really want to learn how to “Follow the Money” get a copy of our April edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


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