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Argentina’s New Prez Calls ‘Climate Change’ a Lie

While American’s were immersed in their Sunday football ritual, Argentina’s New Prez (Javier Milei) shocked the world with his victory over Sergio Massa.


It was a stunning upset over Massa, the center-left economy minister, which prompted even Elon Musk to say:


“Prosperity is ahead for Argentina.”



Some of Milei’s more notable quotes during his campaign include:


  1. He has branded Argentine Pope Francis an “evil” leftist (gasp!)
  2. Called climate change a “socialist lie” (double gasp!)
  3. And said he would hold a referendum to undo the three-year-old law that legalized abortion.



Also known for wielding chain saws on the campaign trail, the wild-haired Milei vowed to slash public spending in a country heavily dependent on government subsidies.


And in what probably stirred up the voters the most, Milei:


  1. Pledged to dollarize the economy
  2. Shut down the central bank
  3. And cut the number of government ministries from 18 to eight 



His rallying campaign cry was a takedown of the country’s political “caste” system.


Translation:  He appears to be an Argentine version of Trump’s “drain the swamp.”



But, hold on a minute.


Argentina’s New Prez and the WEF



On the surface, Milei’s surprise victory looks promising for Argentina.



But…and this is a very VERY Big BUTT…


He is also a member of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF).


That alone should raise a lot of red flags.




Most people forget how at the start of the 20th century Argentina was the richest country in the Western hemisphere.


Then came Juan Peron and the fascists…and the country to this day has never recovered.


And this begs the question:


When will the world remember, people cannot vote themselves out of communism?


So, it will be interesting to see how the failed Socialist Peronists work to undermine him.


And it should be very similar to the Establishment versus Trump.



So, if he doesn’t get the Trump treatment, or Bolsonaro treatment (Brazil barred Bolsonaro from ever running for office) he may be the perfect WEF plant as a world leader.


If that’s the case, Milei will allow Argentina become a base for US mischief in South America and sell out Argentina to US and Israeli interests.


Langley and Tel-Aviv are celebrating…and we wonder how many CIA agents just got promoted (or fired) for allowing Milei to win.


And regarding his pledge to “Dollarize the economy,” the dollar may currently be valued higher than the Argentinian peso.  But that doesn’t make it better.


(READ: Is the Dollar America’s Greatest Threat?  June 29, 2018 HERE)




Because once you lose power over your own currency, you lose your sovereignty – just ask the Europeans – especially Greece.


Learn how this affects the dollar AND the global markets in our December issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


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P.S.  Now would be a good time to buy lots of Malbec before the price goes up





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