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When You Think Like the World Thinks…


…You Get What the World Gives You.

Translation: How many of you can honestly say that you’ve had tremendous success or experienced joy and happiness by following the ongoing narrative of the Whores- of-Babble-On Presstitutes?



The world we see – through the eyes of Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for media – is designed to help you lose money.

It’s how the 1% make fortunes at your expense.

So, in order to keep from being a victim of their negative influence, you must learn to see things with a different set of eyes.

It’s easier said than done.

However, with a little practice – and by shutting down most of the NOISE being puked out every day – you’ll not only become a more astute investor, you’ll also sleep better at night.

You see, the world isn’t fair (especially the financial world) and it’s designed to give you garbage.

The good news is there’s a secret to avoiding the garbage.

This secret is sooooo simple that you’ll need someone to help you misunderstand it.


If you hear about it or read it in the news, chances are:

  • It’s NOT news
  • It’s OLD news


That may seem like an oversimplification but let me relate it to you in an old Wall Street adage:  “Buy the rumor, Sell the News.”

The markets have a unique way of factoring in events before they happen.

Example:  The run up on Apple BEFORE they actually split – increasing over 35 percent – was the time to sell it.


Since the split, when Apple rose to 137.98, it has dropped nearly 30%.

Ironically (or NOT) most people bought into the media saying it was cheaper to buy it after the split.

That’s what’s called “getting what the world gives you.”

The same concept applies to all of the day to day drama and fear mongering over how you’re all gonna die from a virus that has a 99.8% recovery rate…AND THAT RATE IS WITHOUT HAVING A VACCINE.

But I digress.

Stop thinking like the world thinks and start seeing everything with a “different set of eyes.”

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It’s Not Just About Finance.


Stay in your basements meme.





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