December 2023
December 7, 2023

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Trump By a Landslide…Seriously!


Question:  Mr. Vincent, you’ve been saying “Trump by a landslide in the past.” However, based on everything that’s going on with the crazy liberals, and his recent bout with Covid, do you still think he’s going to win?


Mitch from Florida.

Answer:  Nothing has changed as far as my belief that Trump will win by a landslide, Mitch.  And I’m even more convinced this will be the most contested presidential election in history.

Prior to the election you should expect Google, Farcebook, Twitter – and most other social media haters – to proclaim how Biden continues to increase his lead in the polls.  They’ll also cite “credible sources” about how the Trump administration is plagued with internal strife and dissention.

Don’t take the bait.

Just like the Fake Plandemic/CoronaHoax, the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes – at the bidding of their Wall Street Overlords – are trying to pull off a major Psyop (Psychological Operation) to convince you that Trump is doomed and is failing in the polls.

So, when Trump wins, you should expect Biden supporters to scream “Fraud, Corruption, He Cheated, etc.”

Cue up riots, violence, “Shoot the Police” and more “Peaceful Protests” from the Burn Loot and Murder/Pantifa groups.

Needless to say, it won’t be pretty.

So, what you’re seeing now Mitch, is hatred personified to tear our nation apart.

Remember, the Globalist, Socialist/Marxist agenda has no respect for human rights.  As a result, it hates righteousness in a nation.

Our nation – more specifically our Constitution – was built on the Word of God.

Whether you like or dislike Donald Trump, he’s the only candidate that truly represents what’s left of our foundation of righteousness in America.

Be sure to read “The Fall of the Cabal” in our October newsletter.

It’s Not Just About Finance.


“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Proverbs 14:34


Trump colluded meme

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