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Blasphemy and ‘Vackseens’

Blasphemy is generally defined as the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things.

It’s also synonymous with irreverence and disrespect of God or Christ.

According to Merriam-Webster, blasphemy is defined as “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God.

Cue up NY Governor Kathy Hochul’s claim: “Vaccines are from God.”

What an idiot.

And she’s every bit as evil as the Banksters AND Nancy Pelosi who claimed they’re “doing God’s work.”

Seriously, it’s hard to believe that God had anything to do with this when:


  1. The virus was created by humans
  2. It has a 99.5% survival rate
  3. And it’s lining the pockets of politicians, pharmaceutical companies, and Bill Gates



More Blasphemy

It’s quite obvious that these people believe there is no God.


If they believed, they would leave society alone to evolve normally.

Instead, they constantly try to redesign the world with their nefarious agendas like the Great Reset.

Again, why?

Because they (Globalists, world leaders, and politicians) can no longer pay their debt.

It’s highly possible that Hochul has not seen “Project Veritas.”

And maybe every New Yorker – with any remaining brain cells – should email her a link to Project Veritas.

By the way, 46% of the military has refused to take the jab…and are now being threatened with being court-martialed.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that healthcare workers are walking out in New York because of her.

Adding insult to injury, she’s now trying to import healthcare workers from other countries.

History won’t look kindly upon her.

Meanwhile, Biden pretends to get the booster shot.


Sorry, but no one in their right mind would EVER dare give him the real thing.

Because what if he died from the side effects?

That would certainly end the vaccines.


In any event, you need to recognize that most of these distractions are:

  1. Designed to keep you in A Constant State of Agitation 
  2. Meant to keep you from seeing what’s really going on “behind the curtain”
  3. Wall Street’s ongoing “Look Here, Don’t Look There!” tactics while they pick your pockets


Don’t take the bait.

Instead, learn how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times (HERE).

And let the blasphemers suffer and feel the consequences of their wayward actions.

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They’ll thank YOU later.

And tell them: We’re Not Just About Finance.



Presenting NY Governor Hochul


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