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NBA Kowtows (Again) to $$$


Oh, the irony.

Lightning strikes the NBA again.

In October 2019 we wrote in an email (China’s Censorship of the NBA is a Dire Warning…read it HERE):



China’s President Xi has quietly flexed his multi-billion-dollar muscle over the NBA exposing them as quivering servants to their Asian overlords.

And any resistance to China’s policy will be met with swift and violent repercussion.


Ironically (or NOT) we’re witnessing how, when ratings plunge and revenue dries up, moral crusades fly out the window.

Cue up NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who confirmed early this week that Black Lives Matter messaging will be pulled from the court and from players jerseys next year.

The NBA, which has spent the better part of its shortened season on a political crusade on behalf of Black Lives Matter, has seen its ratings (and ad revenue) plunge to historic lows this year from the league’s decision to focus more on politics.


Now, they’re living proof that pandering to a political ideology – Burn, Loot, and Murder crowd – puts you into the “Get Woke and Go Broke” crowd.

(Cough! NFL, Hairball Cough!)

Rightfully so.


Ironically (or NOT) it appears that viewers are no longer interested in the political and social justice messages of the NBA.

Rightfully so, again.

Sports fans were tuning in for (believe it or not) actual basketball. 

The message is becoming painfully clear.  As the balance of the league has tipped from less sport to more activism, viewers are tuning out.

This is confirming that people don’t like hearing – especially from overpaid athletes/entertainers – how fans are racist and privileged.

Maybe someday some enterprising businessman will be smart enough to open a protest free sports league, that doesn’t demean their customers and submit them to endless crap.

That might bring some fans back.


The good news is, once you turn sports off, you realize there are better things to do…like spending more time with your kids and family.

Unfortunately, Black lives – and ALL LIVES – can’t matter to a league that doesn’t exist.

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It’s Not Just About Finance.






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