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When Confidence is Shaken – Not Stirred…

When confidence of the majority of mask-wearing believers is Shaken…not stirred, is when all hell breaks loose.

It’s also when you want to be holding gold.

And the 2022 midterm election may be the catalyst.


We’ve been saying for years that the best reason to own gold is to hedge against collapsing confidence in government.

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And the collapse of confidence in Washington DC (District of Corruption) could go nuclear if, before the election, O’Biden goes through with his plan to hand citizenship to illegal aliens before the election to rig the midterms.

Add in the possibility of indicting Trump and confidence in government will go beyond shaken…not stirred.



Sad to say, the Democrats – like Goldfinger – expect the rest of us to die.

To prove it, all you need to do is look at the Nazi imagery from Stinky Joe’s (Lord Thith) speech last week in Philadelphia.

Not only was the imagery disturbing – cloaked in an ominous blood red – Biden sputtered his way through an attack on “insurrectionists” he labeled as threatening American democracy, political norms, and the rule of law.

It was the most provocative and divisive speech in modern American history.

And as if on cue, CNN tried to cover up this insanity by changing the imagery from blood red to “Pretty in Pink” during the speech.



Beyond Shaken…Not Stirred

If speeches like this don’t rattle your cage, then when all hell breaks loose (pun intended) you’ll be saying “Who could’ve foreseen this happening?  I’m Shocked, I tell you…Shocked!”

What’s even more disturbing is how – after all the damage he’s caused – the Stink Meister has the nerve to say how “Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal.”



So, if you’re starting to see how confidence is collapsing in government then you might want to read our Special Report Gold, If You Don’t Hold it, You Don’t Own itHERE.

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They’ll thank YOU later.

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Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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