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Firewood Shortages Popping Up in Germany

A reversion back to the Dark Ages is underway in Germany as firewood shortages keep popping up.

Cue up: Desperate Germans stockpiling firewood ahead of the winter season.

Ironically (or NOT) this comes as a result of Germany’s government announcement how they will continue to support Ukraine indefinitely.

Wait! What?

As a result, cooking and keeping warm with fossil fuels this winter may become a luxury as the energy crisis spreads across the West.

Again, why?

Because of the sanctions the West placed on Russia.


So now the Germans – and most of Europe – will pay the price of these sanctions as more than half of German homes are heated with natural gas.

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And while 6% of German homes use firewood, that is quickly changing as firewood is now in a shortage.

Germany’s Federal Firewood Association announced earlier in the summer that wood was becoming scarce.

So, people are now importing firewood from Poland.

But people in Poland are also buying up firewood as no one can afford these rising prices.

As usual, Governments are offering no solutions, and people have reason to fear the future.

Due to this fear, many companies are rationing the number of firewood bundles people are allowed to buy.

And get this.

The Federal Network Agency expects gas prices to TRIPLE by early 2023.

So, the blowback from sanctions against Russia is having a dual effect.

  1. Skyrocketing prices in energy…
  2. …resulting in growing civil unrest

This could easily trigger a major geopolitical event across Europe as people will be faced with hardships this winter not seen in a lifetime.

When Germany Can’t Get Russian Oil/Gas This Winter Because of Sanctions…



More Than Firewood Shortages

And don’t for a moment think that firewood shortages are the only thing that will cause hardships in Europe.

On top of the Tripling price of energy comes the reality of increasing food prices via increased shipping costs.

And yet the stupid leadership insists on supporting Ukraine indefinitely.

This should also cause you to wonder how much Germany is benefitting from the cesspool of money laundering for the banksters via Ukraine.

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Think it can’t happen here?

Think again.

And for proof, look at how California is poised to topple the entire power grid with their recent demand for people to NOT charge their electric cars.

Maybe Californians should consider stocking up on firewood.

Remember, this will all factor into what happens after the midterm elections.

But don’t just learn how to prepare for it.

Instead, learn how to prosper AND thrive in spite of it (HERE).

Share this with a friend…especially if they have a wood burning stove.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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