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What Will “Return to Normal” Mean?


Before you can answer the question “What Will Return to Normal Mean” you need to know WHEN will we return to normal.

Let’s face it.

Normal ain’t gonna be normal – as we once knew it – for quite a long time.  Even then, there’s a good chance we won’t get back to the way things were.


  • When will you be able to go to the store and not wear a mask?
  • Or worry about someone else not wearing a mask?
  • Or worry about someone actually wearing a mask?
  • When will your favorite hair salon or barber shop re-open?
  • When they do, will they be afraid of you – or you of them – with or without a mask?
  • When will you or your friends not be afraid to shake hands, hug, or (GASP!) kiss each other like we used to?
  • When someone sneezes or coughs in public, will you be ready to spray them down with your mini-Lysol spray bottle?
  • When will you no longer worry about going to a restaurant, without fearing the waiter/waitress/busboy/cook might contaminate your food with a virus?
  • How about when your kids go back to school…and all the germs they’ll share with each other?
  • How about travelling on a plane…or a bus?


Are you seeing the point here?  Because the list of worries can go on and on and on…if you let it.

To make matters worse, the longer we stay on lockdown, the harder it will be to get back to Normal (whatever that may be).

Yet, we still have idiots (Cough! Bill Gates, Cough! Andrew Cuomo, Cough! Democrat Elites, Cough! Cough!) who want to extend the lockdown period for over a year?


We’ve barely scratched the surface of the devastation to the global economy caused by the Flu Farce, let alone how we’re going to get back to normal.

Back in January we wrote about how this entire Kung Flu Farce didn’t pass the smell test.

Today, we’re more convinced than ever that there’s a hidden agenda here.

Read about it in the April edition of “…In Plain English”


And share this with a friend who wants to return to normal just like you do.

They’ll thank YOU later.



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