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First Responders Are 1st at Risk


To all of the health care professionals out there, you can rest assured that most Americans appreciate your dedication and hard work through these Turbulent Times.

At the same time, it’s easy to overlook the fact that most of the coronavirus cases are handled by firemen and police before they get to the doctors and nurses.

We know this firsthand because my wife and I have two sons who are firefighters.

And while it’s not always easy hearing some of their gut-wrenching stories they experience every day, we’re very proud they’re willing to put their life on the line to help total strangers in dangerous situations.

Ironically (or NOT) both sons are telling us real life stories about the PANDEMIC THAT WILL DESTROY THE WORLD that are different than what you hear from the bought-and-paid-for-media presstitutes.

For instance, most of the hospitals here are NOT overwhelmed with patients dying from the Kung Flu.

What’s interesting about this is we live in south Florida where the average age is 95…. oops!  I meant to say, elderly.

The Whores-of-Babble-On Presstitutes keep telling us how old people are the most vulnerable and yet the numbers don’t add up…at least around here.

But what the presstitutes WON’T tell you is the darker side of the effects of these insane #StayAtHome laws.

Example: Not only is domestic violence up over 200%, it’s the Number 1 call for help.

Sad to say that many of those calls are for child abuse, which, unfortunately flies under the radar.

People make jokes about how; in nine months we’ll have another baby boom.

But have you ever wondered about the divorce rate in nine months?

Another piece of this absurd CoronaVirus puzzle is how the deaths are being lied about reported.

Check out the Covid-19 alert #2 from the National Vital Statistics System dated March 24, 2020 (below).


Cdc cause of death


The highlighted area pretty much says that the “authorities” (who are these authorities, anyway?) can say even though someone died of gunshot…the cause of death was the Covid-19.

If these lies continue to go unchecked, today’s Turbulent Times will pale by comparison within the year.

Don’t let the destruction of the world economy (by the 1% elites) put you in the poorhouse.

Learn how to beat them at their own game (HERE).



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