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Government Doesn’t Give You Anything


For those of you out there who are deluded into thinking/wishing/hoping/praying that our government is going to hand out more money to you – via more stimulus money – I’ve got a wake-up call for you.

Government doesn’t create anything.

Therefore, the only thing they can give you is what they take from others.

Example:  They take from you and me – in taxes – and hand it out how they see fit, all the while claiming how they’re working for the people.

Unfortunately, they’re taking more of our rights away than ever, courtesy of the biggest fraud in history…a virus that’s ONE TENTH as harmful as the regular flu.

Think I’m kidding?

Try to assemble and worship at a church.

By telling us NO, it’s a direct violation of the First Amendment.

Yet, they consider Abortion an essential business.


If they’re so concerned about our welfare, how come they’ve shut down your ability to earn a paycheck yet they’re still collecting theirs at your expense.

As the descent into totalitarianism accelerates, we’re seeing leftist politicians telling people to snitch on anyone they see not practicing “Social Distancing.”


It’s true.

New York, California, Michigan and a number of other states are going as far as offering rewards for people taking photos of others not practicing proper social distancing.

All I can say is: “Good Lord, how did this happen so quickly?”

We’re setting the stage for massive civil unrest as brother turns against brother.  And the longer we stay on lockdown, the uglier things will get.

The next thing you know they’ll want us all to take vaccines.

Oh, Wait!

As always, we remind you that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

Also, when you see radical news coverage of anything – encouraging radical behavioral change – you need to stop and see what you’re being distracted from.

While the sheeple are cowering in fear of dying, the boyz in the “Club” will continue their total destruction of the global financial industry.

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Those who wrote our constitution


Next will be forced vaccines

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