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Food Shortages…to Reduce the Population


The Globalists dreams are coming true as China reports they could be on the brink of exhausting its massive frozen pork reserves.

China’s pig herd is being wiped out by African swine fever.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Pigs getting wiped out by swine fever?

The Financial Times reported that a recent livestock report via US agricultural attaché in Beijing that said, “pork reserves appear to have been mostly depleted by the third quarter of 2020.” 

Translation:  You should expect bacon to cost a lot more.

As we’ve mentioned before – 2021, When Food Shortages Hit Home – the obvious/not so obvious trend of food shortages are being caused by the cretins who’ve been trying to force their Green New World Order down everyone’s throat.

Ironically (or NOT) the 42% increase in the price of bacon is more attributed to the millions of pigs that have been slaughtered from the fear mongering over a virus that can be destroyed by washing your hands more often.

Eventually, food shortages will result in millions of deaths across the globe.


Combine that with the 300+ million people who have already lost their jobs from this fake pandemic and you have a recipe for disaster of Biblical proportions.

We don’t want to mention any names (Cough! Bill Gates, Cough! Klaus Schwab, Cough! Cough!) but certain globalists are trying to force the world to surrender its sovereignty to the United Nations via the Great Reset.


Under a Green New World Order, they can kill off starve more people than Socialism has – approximately 250 Million – in the last Century.

Prove it to yourself by fact checking Socialism and Starvation.

Again, why?

Most governments are bankrupt, desperate, and fearful of the uprising that will occur when the “little people” realize they’ve been royally screwed by governments promising to take care of them.

1984 was not intended to be an instruction manual.

These Globalists are trying to pull off the greatest Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) in history.

Are you “Connecting the Dots,” yet?

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