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This Ain’t No Biden Rally

As if on cue the markets continue to surge in the face of a Biden victory…but this ain’t no Biden rally.

The presstitutes are pitching that we’re seeing a Biden rally in hopes that the sheeple will jump in on the bandwagon.

Don’t take the bait.

Instead, ask yourself:  How does increasing taxes, imposing a lockdown to “Crush the Virus” – destroying small businesses in the process – and giving money away, seem bullish for our economy and markets?

Seriously, we haven’t felt the full effect of the initial lockdown, let alone, what happens if we’re subjected to another one.

And yet the media wants you to believe a Biden victory will be good for the markets?


Markets Tell a Different Story…Ain’t No Biden Rally


The major benefactors of a Biden victory will ultimately be Big Tech.


  1. They get a huge piece of the action if we’re forced into Digital Currencies.
  2. They’ll have more control over Censorship.
  3. And then they track AND record everything you do.
  4. As a result, they’ll use their leverage to become the NEW GLOBAL BANKSTERS.


It gets worse.

Cue up:

The Great Reset

We don’t want to sound like a broken record here…


Check that…yes, we do.

But the sheeple are blind to the nefarious agenda of Globalists (Cough! Gates, Soros, Schwab, Zuckerberg, Rasputin’s great grandson, Hairball Cough!) imposing a one world government giving control over to the United Nations.

AKA: The New Faces of Tyranny.


The Great Reset is already underway in Europe and the cretins behind it are chomping at the bit to impose it in the USA.

That’s why they desperately need Biden to be declared as our new president.

So, don’t be fooled by the markets.

This ain’t no Biden rally.

Big Tech is leading the charge.

And if you don’t “Listen to the Markets,” you’ll be victimized by them.

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