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The Great Reset is Underway


Now that Ruth Ginsberg has joined John McCain, Elijah Cummings and Papa Bush in her final destination, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Globalists are cranking up their efforts – out of pure desperation – to engage The Great Reset.

Trump will obviously push to replace Ginsburg by nominating Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS, BEFORE the elections.

No doubt this will increase the vitriol from the Democrats and their pathetic group of butt-hurt snowflakes.

Obama will likely top that list.


Another Supreme Court Justice appointee will be the final nail in his legacy coffin.

It’s truly amazing that never before in our history has a former president – and his, Um, Err, Um partner – openly and actively sought to bring down his replacement.

Very sad, indeed.  And those actions speak volumes.

As 2020, The Year of Chaos continues down this road to Perdition, you should pay close attention to the Wall Street head-fakes along the way.

Will there be blood in the street?


Figuratively AND Literally.

You see, in addition to the increased violence from the Burn, Loot, and Murder/Pantifa crowd, the boyz in the “Club” will strike fear in the hearts of most investors to convince you that – like the CoronaHoax – “The markets are gonna crash and you’re gonna die.”

It’s how they get you to Zig while they Zag.

Don’t take the bait.

If you haven’t already raised some cash (we’ve been saying that for months), do it now.


You can’t buy stocks at a huge discount if you don’t have any dry powder.

Don’t worry about the globalists and their desperate attempt to force The Great Reset.  They will ultimately fail.

However, their actions will open the doors for many investment opportunities of a lifetime for those with “ears to hear.”

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