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The Media Doesn’t Hate Trump…They Hate YOU

If you think today’s media is legit then you probably shouldn’t read this email.

However, when you see how corrupt our system is, you won’t be a victim to its lies and hatred.

This email is not about Donald Trump (although the Fake Stream Media focuses a lot of hatred toward him).

It’s about how Wall Street and Washington use the media to influence you.  And they have one simple goal.  It’s all about control.

Using hatred to influence people is powerful, and it thrives on the darker side of our imaginations.

Unfortunately, it’s not only harmful but very effective.

Take a step back from everything you hear or see in today’s media and think about this question.  Have you ever seen such widespread hatred?

You know the answer.

But do you know how it affects your decision-making process?

Here’s a quick test to take to help you see through bought-and paid-for media lies.

Stop watching TV news and reading the major papers for one week.

ONE WEEK?  Are you kidding me?


IF you can’t discipline yourself for one week, chances are you’re a media addict.  And that’s exactly what the system wants.

However, if you succeed in shutting down the media, you’ll start to see their sinister ways with a new set of eyes.

Every month we give you actionable ideas on how to avoid getting hustled from Wall Street’s misdirection tactics and media influence.

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P.S.  Q:  How can you tell if the lame-stream media is lying?  A: By paying attention to it.





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