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What Flew Under the Radar Last Week


Last week (Monday) we wrote “Beware Tomorrow May 7th (HERE) as a fore warning about events that would likely fly under the radar.


So, one week later, we are giving you a short list of events that “Flew Under the Radar” that could have a significant impact on your future.



  • Japan and Germany announced plans on May 6 to hold joint naval exercises to “maintain the rules-based international order.”  (They have never coordinated naval efforts, which leads one to believe they are planning for a massive international conflict.)

  • The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on May 7 that they were targeted by hackers. The initial announcement did not state who was responsible, but Sky News reported that their sources claim China is to blame. (Question: Did China hack the MoD or is this a false flag to justify building a military presence in the Indo-Pacific?)

  • We are seeing a complete breakdown in international relations in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East all simultaneously.

  • The number of company bankruptcies in Germany exploded in April. They are up 28.5% according to preliminary information from the Federal Statistical Office. The main reasons are high energy costs and a lack of staff. As reported: “The wave of insolvencies is progressing at a rapid pace, especially in the construction industry.”

  • Astra Zeneca pulled their Covid Vaccine from the market

  • Squad member Rep. Tlaib (D-Mich) who is openly supporting HAMAS, called for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahuand has accused him of genocide, coming forth with these claims on May 7

  • Climate Change Darling, Greta Thunberg – a girl with no knowledge of war or science – appeared (wrapped in a keffiyeh) in a staged civil unrest in a Swedish pro-Palestine protest in a deliberate effort to destabilize national politics

  • Ironically (or NOT) the Boyz are now using Greta to promote the war in the Middle East rather than climate efforts… deliberately targeting the world’s youth





As mentioned above, this is a short list of last week’s events that Flew Under the Radar…and we didn’t even cover the market’s reaction.


Suffice it to say that the markets are well aware of these geo-political events and are factoring them in.


As a result, they are starting to stall and are showing signs of an inevitable recession…soon to be followed by STAGFLATION.


READ:  Stagflation Raising Its Ugly Head…Again! April 26, 2024 (HERE).


And the $64 billion question remains:


When does the puke-fest begin?


The answer will be revealed in our May edition Of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


So, share this with a friend…especially if the missed all the events from last week covered in this post.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:


We’re Not Just About Finance

But we use finance to give you hope.






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