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Listen to the Markets, Not the News

The easiest way to determine movements in the markets is to listen to them.

By that I mean you must shut out all the noise from the Lame stream media.  They’re not your friend.  In fact, they are your worst enemy.

They constantly scream, “LOOK HERE!  DON’T LOOK THERE.”

Wait!  Let’s stop for a second.

I’m about to give you one of the most valuable tips you’ll ever hear about understanding the markets.  However, if you’re not willing to receive it then stop reading this email.

This tip is so simple that you’ll have to have somebody help you to misunderstand it.


Here it is:  Whenever ANY news event (recent examples include North Korea, Charlottesville, Trump hating, etc.) is in your face 24/7, you need to immediately step back and ask yourself this question.

“What am I being distracted from?”

You see, whenever Wall Street or Washington want to cover-up something important, they use the jackals in the media to their dirty work.

When you fall for it (the vast majority always falls for it) you’ll miss hearing what the markets are saying.

This is where the 1% Elite “Club” makes a fortune while the average guy gets crushed.

It’s like watching a magician do something “amazing” and you wonder, “How’d they do that?”

They (like the media) do it by distracting you.

Listening to the markets is not difficult.  But it’s necessary to be successful.

It requires patience, persistence, and (most of all) the desire to see the truth among all the daily lies fed to us by the powers that be.

At Financials Matter, we take all the BS the media feeds you and make it easy to understand.

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You’ll thank us later.

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