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Why WE Love/Hate Technology

You might get a kick out of this.

Eighteen months ago, I bought a new SUV.  It wasn’t the top of the line “high tech” model but it met all my needs and more.

The problem I ran into was, I never took time to read the manual on how to operate all the fancy new electronics that are now standard in most cars.

The way I see it is, cars are basically a means of transportation, Right?  You know, getting us from point A to point B?

Turns out I’m way behind the times when it comes to “auto-technology.”  That was proven when, (after driving my car for over 1 ½ years) I finally figured out how to use the Bluetooth…and that happened by accident.

Another thing that drove me crazy was when I tried to use Google maps for directions.

What a disaster.

I programmed in the address and listened to the nice lady give me instructions on where to go.  Everything seemed fine.

But then I made a wrong turn.

The pleasant lady turned into a psycho and repeatedly told me to “make a U-turn at the next light and….”

After about 5 or 6 times of hearing “Make a U-turn,” I found myself screaming at the console, “I MADE THE U-TURN SO SHUT UP, LADY.”

What made it worse, I couldn’t figure out how to stop her from correcting me (and we all know how guys hate being told how to drive).  So, I pulled over and turned the car off.

Has this ever happened to you?  (Or am I just out of touch?)

My question was answered when my son showed me (in about 5 minutes) how simple it was to operate.

My point is, I love how technology gives us so many conveniences we never had before.  However, if you don’t understand how to use it, you’ll be frustrated by it.

Investing is the same in that there are so many innovative ways (technologies) to study the market that it’s often very confusing.

That’s why you need to check out Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English.

We give you simple answers to complex problems.  And we promise (when you read it) you won’t be screaming at your computer.

See for yourself (HERE).

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