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California Fires, Arson and the Election


One of the long-standing tenets of our FinancialsMatter website is that Everything is Connected…Everything.

For some people it’s hard to make that connection.

However, when you study things out – and recognize that history has a way of showing us the future – you’ll be better equipped to put the pieces of the global puzzle together.

Let’s look at the California fires as an example.

September/October is the normal cyclical period for wildfires on the west coast. However, the extent of the current 100+ fires is by no means natural.


That’s right.

This doesn’t pass the smell test (no pun intended).

We’re saying that this may be another orchestrated plot to justify the Great Reset.


Because the tree huggers are immediately blaming this on climate change.

Think for a moment.

How is it that these raging wildfires run all the way up from lower California and magically stop at the Canadian AND Mexican border?

Cue up Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, who was charged with two counts of arson and additional crimes for allegedly setting a fire earlier this week in southern Oregon.

Multiple other arrests have been made regarding arson to start these fires.

We’re not necessarily saying that all the fires are linked to arson…

Check that.

Based on what we’re seeing, we believe there is a direct connection between the fires and the movement towards the Great Reset.

It follows in the footsteps/pattern of the CoronaFraud Plandemic of 2020, The Year of Chaos.

While the Golden State morphs into the Charcoal State you can rest assured that the boyz behind the nefarious New Green World Order agenda will use California as a message to anyone who would dare oppose them.

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