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The First Debate Disgrace


For those who didn’t see the pathetic attempt of having a national debate on TV, here’s the cliff notes:


  • It was a disgrace


Neither candidate came across as presidential.

Trump was too hot and interrupted waaayyyyy too many times.

Biden resorted to name calling as he is wont to do.

Can you ever remember hearing – in any debate – someone calling the current head of state a clown?

Think of it as a preview to the November 3rd election.

As we have said – many times so far this year – regardless of who wins the election, the losing side won’t accept it.

In fact, you should expect it to be the most contested election in history accompanied by increased violence, riots, and Civil disorder.

Both Trump and Biden revealed how far politics has fallen in America.

Very sad, indeed.

If you’ve ever wondered what the future of politics in America looks like, think of last night’s debacle as a rerun from the old TV series “Lost in Space.”


Sirens flashing, alarms bells ringing while a robot chants, “Danger, Danger…Warning! Warning!…RUN Will Robinson, RUN!”


There is no doubt we’re in Turbulent Times.

The question is:  “How are you preparing to deal with what’s coming next?”

Despite all of the uncertainty, learn how to Prosper AND Thrive in Turbulent Times when you read “…In Plain English.”

It’s Not Just About Finance.






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