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Preventing Pandemics??? C’MON, MAN!


It sickens me (no pun intended) to hear how the focus of the Globalists’ agenda is to convince you that they can prevent pandemics.


What makes you think they can do this when they’ve never been able to cure the common cold?

And have you forgotten that the regular “seasonal flu” – which begins every year in October – has never been cured?

Or what about the “flu shots/vaccines” that have an effective rate ranging from as low as 19% to as high as 60%?

Yet every year there’s a concentrated effort to get you to take a flu shot.


It’s the old Wall Street adage:  “Follow the Money.”

Think for a moment about how many billions trillions of dollars will be spent on vaccines taken by sheeple who fear the most recent version of a Coronavirus that has a 99.8% recovery rate WITHOUT TAKING A VACCINE.

The greatest hoax in the history of mankind has been perpetrated by a small group of Globalists who stand to profit immensely from destroying the global economy.

I call it Covid Corporate Vulture Capitalism.

Sadly, the sheeple have become so scared that they’re ready to pounce on a vaccine – which HAS NOT been proven effective – and subject themselves to more lockdowns hoping their governments will come to their rescue.

This is precisely how the Marxist/Socialist agenda works.

Control the sheeple through fear, convince them that big government is the answer, strip them of their human rights, punish them if they step out of line, and reward them for snitching on rebellious types who refuse to wear masks or practice social distancing.

Sounding familiar?

1984 was NOT intended to be an instruction manual…yet here we are.

The good news is Marxism/Socialism has NEVER worked at any time in history.

We will see the Fall of the Cabal when we collectively take a stand against their nefarious Globalist agenda.

Until that happens, it won’t be pretty.

However, along the way you should expect to see the opportunities of your lifetime as fear runs rampant in the global markets.

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It’s Not Just About Finance.
























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