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Lockdowns Kill More Than They Save


The unsettling threat of Lockdowns 2.0 is becoming a reality.

With all the political chaos around the world we’re seeing a clear coordinated trend – using a fake pandemic – to further the real goal of Climate Change.

This is part of the deliberate scheme to crush the economy to prepare for Klaus Schwab’s (that name keeps popping up) Great Reset being pushed by the World Economic Forum.

Clearly there are some unsettling trends unfolding around the world and this Great Reset is scheduled to take place in early 2021, When Food Shortages Hit Home.

Let’s look at some of the main culprits.

Despite all the evidence against lockdowns – from high ranking officials in Germany – frau Merkel is intending to lockdown Germany AGAIN! (see Merkel 2nd lockdown)

Ironically (or NOT) German ministers warn that lockdowns kill more people than they save, yet Merkel ignores them.

The increasing rate of depression and suicide – from many who have lost their jobs and with no hope of them coming back – will eventually cause more deaths than the CovidFraud.

They also KILL economies.

He gets creepier by the day; Boris Johnson in London is now talking about why lockdowns may be necessary to save the planet.


These Globalists know that lockdowns DON’T work.

However, their use of them to crush the world economy plays right into the hand for a One World Government led by the UN.


Creepy Justin Trudeau recently suspended Parliament in Canada – which was investigating corruption involving him and his family – is also advocating more lockdowns.

You have to wonder why all of these politicians are so willing eager to lockdown their people, undermining their economies, and creating debts that can never be repaid.

It’s all paving the way for Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.

Are you “Connecting the Dots” yet?

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It’s Not Just About Finance.


Abortions kill more babies in America in a few days than the CoronaFraud has killed in the last nine months.

Remember that the next time you wash your hands or worry about wearing a mask.


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