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Slowing the Curve of Stupidity


The Perpetrators of the CoronaHoax greatest hoax in history keep talking about how they want to “slow the curve” of spreading the Covid-19.

They even put up fancy charts with curves showing how quickly the new cases of Kung Flu are rising.

Then, they expect everyone to remain on house arrest while trying to convince you that the “Curve is flattening.”

What’s laughable about this is how they show fancier colored charts that imply that wearing masks makes the world a safer place.


What they should be doing is slowing the curve of stupidity by showing how counties like Sweden – who didn’t participate on selfimprisonment the lockdown – and how their CoronaHoax numbers (or curve) are equal or even better than most nations.

This whole mask thing is a bigger joke than the hysteria induced about everyone in the world is going to die.

I’ll speculate that it won’t be long before you hear about studies showing how harmful it is to wear masks for prolonged periods of time.

Then, workers currently being forced to wear masks, will start lawsuits claiming health related issues from the masks.

This will be the dagger in the heart for businesses struggling to get back on their feet.

But, Hey!  Who wants to go back to work when you can sue a company that made you sick and you were only “Doing What You Were Told to Do?”

Does that phrase sound familiar?

During the 1945-46 Nuremberg trials over the Nazi’s slaughter of the Jews, soldiers, officers, and even high-ranking military officials all said the same thing when they were asked how could they have mercilessly killed so many people.

“I was only doing what I was told to do.”

Today’s globalists believe you’re stupid enough to fall for the same intimidation tactics that Hitler used.

Their agenda is not about saving your lives.

It’s about their New World Order at ANY cost.

So, the next time someone tries to convince you that staying at home and wearing a mask is “for the greater good,” you might want to give them a history lesson.

Otherwise the curve of stupidity won’t be slowed or flattened.

Remember:  America was Built by the Brave, not the Fearful.






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