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Why and HOW You Should Write Your Congressman


So far – and thanks to Bill Gates and his ilk – we’ve experienced a free 7-week sample of Communism.

Any thoughts/response?

Personally, I’m fed up and if you’re fed up as well, you should take a few moments and address this issue.

Congress Critters don’t always read all the mail they receive.  However, their staff reports how many times they get a letter – whether its pro or con on an issue – and numbers definitely get their attention…hopefully getting them to take action.

The government overreach we’ve lived through is just flat out wrong on so many levels that we need to make our voice heard.

If we don’t, things will get worse. Period.

In my opinion, the best way to reverse this horrible trend is to expose the corruption that’s allowed guys like Bill Gates to scare everyone into submission so he can vaccinate everyone with a Mark of the Beast computer chip.

Please consider acting on this extremely important issue.

I’m going to make it really easy for you to write to your congressman, senator, local and or state representative.


Simply copy and paste the following letter and send it to as many Politicians as you can…even President Trump.

Please note…I did NOT create this letter.  I borrowed it from someone I admire and respect.


Dear ________________


Subject:  Bill Gates foundation needs to be investigated.


Hello. I need you to look into something.


We must bring Gates’s Monopoly of Global Health Care to an end. DEMAND that the Justice Department investigates the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for non-disclosure of conflicts of interest regarding profits from philanthropic investments, including vaccines, which exposes them to violation of BOTH the Securities & Exchange Act as well as the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.


All heads of the pharmaceutical companies working with

Gates should be included in this investigation as potential





Your Name


See.  It’s short, sweet, simple, and to the point.

Remember:  America Was Built by the Brave…Not by the Fearful.

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