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Saturday Morning Rant

Every so often it pays to blow off some steam – in a healthy way – which is why we’re going to feature some of our readers comments in a column we’ll call the Saturday Morning Rant.

As you know, we love feedback/comments from our valued readers and subscribers.

So, we’re encouraging you to send us your thoughts on issues you find important.


Because it gives us a pulse on what the public is really feeling and NOT what the presstitutes report as “public opinion.”


Our first reader (Robert) laments over the ignorance of what the Chinese have been doing in the build out of their Belt Road Initiative (BRI) via the Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa alliance.


Robert:  Many of you in your blindness will be cheering the BRICS right up until the point Chinese soldiers bayonet your children as they make you watch.

The NWO is well on track, and very near full implementation. Your treasonous so-called leaders who have deliberately brought these conditions upon you and waged genocide on you via the covid hoax, fully intend to hide behind this invasion force, to shield themselves for ever having to face justice for their crimes against you.

Lemmings need to wake up.


I would wager to say that Robert is wound up pretty tight.

But he does have some valid points.


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Next up is Mike who seems to be well informed about Putin but somehow doesn’t like conspiracy theories.


Mike: Putin has been a high-profile statesman for over 20 years and obviously has relationships with some of the thousands of global leaders he’s met over the years. He also banned GMOs, banned gay propaganda, jailed oligarchs, revitalized religion and promotes traditional values, all of which are antithetical to the WEF agenda. Clowns like you who try to make every single thing into some grand conspiracies are annoying as f**k.

Dear Mike. We suggest you read the following:

Read:  Tin-Foil Times…Conspiracy Theories or Facts?  May 26, 2020


And from Sally:


Sally: Why do you constantly refer to President Biden as O’Biden or Stinky Joe? My guess is you think he’s a lot like Obama but why the term Stinky Joe or worse the Stink Meister? Is this your childish attempt at humor? Because it’s not very funny.

For the record, Sally – and from the get go – we said that Biden was Obama’s puppet.  And that both of them would do the bidding of the Deep State.

So far, it looks like we’re right.

Stink Meister or Pedo Joe?


And regarding the Stinky Joe comments, it’s a well-known fact in DC that O’Biden has a problem with flatulence.  Maybe it has something to do with him always wanting to sniff little girls.

We suggest you read the following:

Read:  Farting…the New Biological Terrorism Act  July 31, 2021


Have some thoughts on a current issue…or would you just like to rant?

Share them with us.

We’ll try to publish them in the Saturday Morning Rant.

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