August 2022
August 8, 2022

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Will Nancy Pelosi Start WWIII?

With Beijing repeatedly calling Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan a “Major Provocation” you have to wonder if her actions will start WWIII.

On top of wasting millions of your tax dollars with a six-member delegation to Asia, Pelosi’s statement claimed their goals are to:


“…hold high-level meetings to discuss how we can further advance our shared interests and values, including peace and security, economic growth and trade, the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, human rights and democratic governance”

What a load of crap!

The truth is the US has no leverage with China anymore.

And this trip to Asia is another dog and pony show in a pathetic effort to save face with Taiwan before China eventually takes them over.

So, this whole idea of… “further advance our shared interests and values, including peace and security” is A Load of Crap.


For almost two decades the Chinese have successfully boxed out the US from participating in the Chinese New Silk Road.

AKA:  The Belt Road Initiative.

Read:  February 17, 2018

And after seeing the West putting ridiculous sanctions on Russia, China knows they could be next…which is why they see Pelosi’s trip a threat.


To Start WWIII

It’s not as if China has been quiet about Pelosi’s Asian tour de force.

In fact, after Stinky Joe announced his $600 Billion Global Infrastructure Project, China made it clear that any delegates visiting Asia with the attempt to lobby for business will be met with increased resistance.

Read:  June 29, 2022.


Unfortunately, these morons in DC can’t leave well enough alone.

As a result, their actions could easily start WWIII.

So, in addition poking the Bear (Putin) they’re purposely going to poke the Dragon (Xi) thinking they’ll somehow repair all the damage that’s been done over the last two years.

Sorry, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Instead, let’s hope World War 3 won’t begin over the itinerary of the most infamous Congressional insider-trader.

Once again this is more proof that the US Congress is best known for its unfathomable stupidity and hubris.

So, let’s hope our Speaker of the House stays sober long enough to stay out of trouble.

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