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At Last…An Epic Rant Worth Sharing

At Financial$Matter we don’t make a policy of sharing epic rants.

We have a tendency to rant enough as it is.

However, if you’ve ever enjoyed or agreed with anything we’ve posted, then you need to read AND SHARE a letter written to President, Donald Trump, by the world’s best forecaster, Martin Armstrong.

We wrote an email about Armstrong in February titled:

After 20 Years of Government Overreach and Abuse, Will Martin Armstrong Finally Get His Day in Court?


Armstrong’s letter to Trump not only summarizes everything that’s wrong about the nightmare we’re living – courtesy of the coronavirus hoax – he offers, in my opinion, some of the best thought out solutions of how to fix these problems and get us back on track as a nation.

You need to read this letter and share it…if you’re so inclined.

Your economic survival may depend on it.

Follow this link:


For more background on Armstrong and why you should read his letter to President Trump, follow this link:





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