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Frogs Boiling Themselves

We’re getting near the point where we’ll be like the old tale about frogs boiling themselves.

Do you remember the story?

If a frog is dropped in boiling water, it will hop out.

But if it’s placed in lukewarm water, it will be comfortable.

Then, if the heat is turned up slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be boiled to death.

Politically speaking, this translates into a slow increase/rise of taxation and/or the gradual removal of freedoms.

Such as we’re seeing.

Ironically (or NOT) there’s another, more devious way to boil the frogs (sheeple) of a country…have them become willing participants in their own demise.

Wait! What?

Sad to say, this applies to how recently Americans are being brainwashed into begging for their second amendment rights to be diminished.


And the “Boyz” use the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes to highlight the horrific murders of innocent people from guns.

Haven’t you noticed the increased frequency of senseless shootings in public places and schools?

And these whores turn up the heat – on the frogs in warm water – by constantly asking, “When is the Government going to make the possession of guns illegal so that the killing will stop?”


How Frogs Boiling Themselves Begins

Not surprisingly, those who support this effort are largely liberal, which also highlights the increasing division between the left and right.

And it opens the door for questioning the integrity of our Constitution.

However, our Founding Fathers were not only correct when they wrote the Constitution, they were also inspired by the Word of God.

And unless the Constitution and its amendments are not clarified once and for all – as to what they were meant to express – American liberty is at stake.

Simply stated, we’re in the early stages of frogs being boiled.

And the sad truth is that elected leaders do not seek to serve the public but to dominate them.

Invariably, their recommendations for change will be whatever transfers greater power to themselves.

Of course, you’ll hear Dems and Republicans “argue forcefully for the rights of the American citizen.”

However, in the end, a “compromise” shall be made.

Unfortunately, it will be one in which the rights of the populace are diminished.

As a result, the Government will have new powers to allow it to bypass the electorate in the future.

If this does occur, the public will, in effect, be like “frogs boiling themselves.”


Boiling Frogs in 2023


2023 is shaping up to be the Political World from Hell…wreaking havoc in the markets in the process.

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