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Reprogramming Your Investment Default Mechanism

Like a computer we all have an investment default mechanism.

Do you know what yours is?

That may seem like a dumb question.

But have you ever bought a stock based on “your feeling” and then watch it take a nose-dive?

Then you end up saying: “Why did I do that?

Investment Default Mechanism

Everyone I know – myself included – has made that same mistake, so don’t feel bad.

It happens because your investment default mechanism is tied to your emotions.

And those emotions are often triggered by the fear and greed tactics that the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes shove in your face.

It’s what they do best.

Example: A Wall Street firm wants to unload a huge amount of XYZ stock they own because they know something bad is going to be announced.

They get their 24-year-old MBA’s – anxious to make a name for themselves – to publish a research report praising the merits of owning XYZ stock.

They give the MBA wannabe geniuses a foregone conclusion of what they want you to believe about XYX.  And then tell them to develop compelling reasons why you should buy this stock.

Shampoo Bottle Tactics

What happens next is typical:

  1. The report gets released
  2. Brokers make reference to the genius MBA’s research
  3. An unsuspecting public gets excited and gobbles up the stock, anticipating a 3,562% return
  4. The brokerage firm unloads their stock to you…and is off the hook
  5. And Several months later, bad news comes out about XYZ stock and it crashes
  6. You kick yourself saying, “Dang! Why did I do that?”


It’s typical Wall Street shampoo bottle tactics.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Again, the problem comes from you believing what the boyz in the “Club” are pushing.

Remember, the 1% NEED the 99% to be wrong in order for them to make fortunes…at your expense.

So, the bottom line is your investment default mechanism needs to change.

And in 2021 many investors will get slaughtered if they don’t reprogram their investment default mechanism.

Don’t be one of them.

Instead, read our January issue of “…In Plain English” and learn how to prosper AND thrive in the Turbulent Times we’re currently in (HERE).

It’s Not Just About Finance


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