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Christmas Lessons From My Dog

Those who have – or had – dogs are more apt to relate to “Christmas lessons from my dog,” than non-dog owners.

But, hopefully, even non-pet owners will profit from what pet owners already know.

Allow me to share with you this brief (Christmas) story.

My Dog

Our dog, Lukas, is 18 years old.

He’s totally blind in his left eye and partially blind in his right.  He doesn’t hear well (sometimes not at all).  And he suffers from arthritis in both of his hips and right shoulder which limits his ability to walk or climb.

However, he still goes on walks twice a day.

Like most old pets he sleeps a lot.

Not only is he a great companion, he also acts as one of my screeners for blogs, emails, newsletter articles, etc.

Let me explain.

Writing can often be a lonely profession.  And without feedback, it’s hard to discern whether someone likes or dislikes what you publish.

Before publishing an email/blog I normally read it out loud.  If it doesn’t “sound” right then it gets edited.

This is where Lukas comes in handy.

I’ll say to him:  “Lukas, tell me what you think about this story.”

I’ll read it out loud and invariably – when he actually hears me – he perks up and gives me “The Look.”

Pet owners know what I mean.

“The Look” is when your pet adjusts their ears while almost smiling and as if they are questioning you with, “Are we going to eat again?”

A Christmas Lesson

The point is, regardless of how crazy the world is becoming – especially during a season when we should rejoice and be thankful – a dog doesn’t react like a human.

They’re not worried about politics or finances.

Instead, they’re happy they have someone they love unconditionally.

And who’s also going to feed them…LOL!

The Christmas lesson here is, unconditional love has been bestowed on mankind over 2,000 years ago.

And regardless of your religious beliefs, you can benefit from God’s unconditional love for you…regardless of the season.

From the entire staff of Financial$Matter we wish a MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

Remember, We’re Not Just About Finance.

P.S.  If you didn’t already know…Dog is God spelled backwards.


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