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The Fallacy of Investment Newsletters

In the past, I made a lot of mistakes.

Especially when it involved reading financial newsletters.

Many times, I thought I was doing the right thing…only to find out I was making my situations worse.

I used to research and read every newsletter I could get my hands on.  And it drove me crazy.

So, I put together a list of mistakes you don’t want to make regarding investment newsletters.

Make sure you avoid them:

  • Falling for false gloom and doom prophecies.

  • Believing false credentials of the “so-called Gurus.”

  • Getting every FREE newsletter you run across.

  • Trying to make 14,230% return that they claim you can make

Of course, there are many more…too many to list here.

Make sure you avoid these mistakes (and save yourself a ton of money).

Check out our Special Report, “Reality vs. Fantasy Newsletters” in the November issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English.  (HERE)

We’re exposing the tricks most newsletters use to get you to subscribe to their prophecies of Gloom and Doom.  We’re also show you how to test them for accuracy and truth.

We’ll even give you a FREE Sample of our newsletter to compare with the other ones.

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You’ll thank us later.

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