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Holiday Gift Ideas To Solve Problems

We all have that one person on our Christmas list that’s a problem to buy for.  That’s why we created Gift ideas to solve your problems.

You probably think this is another shameless plug for our “…In Plain English” newsletter.  And you’re partially right.

However, we’re not the least bit embarrassed to offer you a holiday gift idea that can solve one or more of your problems.

And for the price of two lattes, from your favorite coffee shop, you can give someone the gift that keeps on giving every month into 2021.

That’s right, for $8.75 – with no contract or long-term commitment – you can open the eyes of someone to how the investment world operates “Behind the Scenes.”

The other gift idea is our annual subscription at the DEEPLY DISCOUNTED price of $75.

Do the math.

That’s equal to $6.25 per month.

Either way it’s a steal.


If you get only one idea – from our combined 110+ years of experience on Wall Street – that makes you thousands of dollars from an $8.75 investment, it’s more than worth it.

And, if you get an idea that saves you from losing thousands of dollars, wouldn’t that be worth waaayyyyyy more than a $75 investment in an annual subscription?

Holiday Gift Ideas That Solve Problems


Listen to what Jeff, a businessman from South Florida,  recently said:

James, I’ve been an investor for over 25 years.  And I must say that I’ve learned so much from your daily emails.  Thank you for them.  But what really impressed me is what I’ve learned from your monthly newsletter. The information in it is priceless.  And I no longer make the same dumb mistakes I’ve made in the past.  You should charge a lot more for it.”


Thanks for your kind words, Jeff.

And we know that 2021 is going to be more challenging than 2020.

So that’s why we encourage you to give a subscription gift to someone you love (or even give yourself this gift).

But don’t wait.

The DEEP DISCOUNTS end soon.

(Click this link for discounts)

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