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Our States Are Doomed to Break Up

Following the footsteps of many South American countries, it appears our states are doomed to break up.


The time-honored tradition of South American governments – when one party displaces another in a national election – is becoming a reality with the liberals here in the USA.

A short list of the countries imprisoning their former presidents includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Brazil
  2. Ecuador
  3. Bolivia
  4. Chile
  5. Peru
  6. Colombia
  7. Argentina
  8. Venezuela

In each case, the Socialists in office today have doomed their nations to be pulled under by the corruption that’s so deeply embedded in their culture.

Cue up:  The Neocons in the District of Caligula who continue to scream the narrative of “ARREST TRUMP!”

In perspective, we’re no different.

Biden’s “election” and subsequent mid-terms has assured that no serious challenger can ever emerge.

Locking up your opponent now has become part of their playbook.

However, in the case of Trump they’ve failed every time…and will continue to fail.




Doomed to Break Up

As a result of the leftists ongoing witch hunt, we expect that many states will eventually secede from America.


In case you missed it, Zelensky wants to imprison Ukraine’s former president indefinitely pending a rigged trial for corruption.

In addition, he (Z) has become a disgrace to Ukraine because it has been clearly established there is NO accountability for any money handed to him.

Ironically (or NOT) it has been established that Zelensky has been stashing money offshore.




And we believe, any American politician who votes to give money to Ukraine should be removed from office…because they are probably tainted as well.

Translation:   The O’Biden Administration – which owed him the Midterm elections for being the 2nd largest donor via the money laundering scheme of FTX – will try to force a cancellation of the 2024 Presidential elections.

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Think it can’t be done?

Think again…and look at Venezuela as the blueprint.

In the process, watch and see how this will also be swept under the rug to protect the corruption that has consumed governments.

It’s hard to imagine even thinking that seceding from America may be our only hope.

But it’s looking more real amidst the Political Chaos of 2023.

And you need to take certain steps to protect yourself from the blowback into the financial markets.

Learn more about it (HERE).

And share this with a friend…especially if they don’t realize how corruption in the District of Caligula is out of control.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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