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Is This Our Last Legit Election?

The reason today’s email subject line reads our last legit election is because after 2022 we may no longer have elections.

And even this one might not be legit.

Wait! What?

As we been saying, regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s election neither side will accept the results.

And this will inevitably lead to civil unrest.

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Both sides will accuse each other of voter fraud and/or rigging the results.

And, sad to say, the cheating will be so obvious that it may force a cancelation of the 2024 election.


How else could they prevent Trump from running again?

Let’s face it, they’ve thrown everything and more at him and he remains a standing favorite.

BTW, have you noticed we don’t hear anything more about the FBI raid of Trump’s home at Mar-A-Lago…that was supposed to be the death of his career?

If logic has anything to do with it – based on the disaster of the O’Biden Administration so far – the Republicans should win both the House and Senate.

But…and this is a Very Big BUTT…

Nothing in the political world seems to make sense these days…let alone be logical.

Last Legit Election?


Question: When corruption surrounding this election is currently so over-the-top, what’s going to happen in the next one?

Ironically (or NOT) just like the Boyz had to get Trump out, they recently did the same in Brazil by ousting Bolsonaro and put in the Communist Lula.

And the millions who are protesting Brazil’s election – you won’t see it on most media outlets – is confirmation that there’s a major loss of confidence in government around the world.

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For these reasons (and more) we can’t emphasize enough that you make your voice known at the polls tomorrow.

Adding gasoline to this already Towering Inferno, the entire monetary system as we know it is collapsing.

And that was what the bond crisis in the UK was about.

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So, if this is our last legit election, make sure your voice is heard by voting.

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