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June 9, 2023

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Putin Putting Nukes in Belarus?

Just over one month ago, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko hinted about letting Putin putting nukes in Belarus.

His reasoning?

In response to threats from Ukraine, Lukashenko had this to say:

“I am ready to fight with the Russians from the territory of Belarus in only one case: If even one soldier comes onto the territory of Belarus to kill my people,”he told a news conference, according to state-run Belta news agency.

“If they commit aggression against Belarus, the response will be the most severe, and the war will take on a completely different nature,” he added.

Belarus has been under attack via US and EU sanctions for the role it’s played thus far in assisting the Russian invasion.

But, one month later, we’re hearing about Putin putting nukes in Belarus.

And back then we saw the headline…

The West’s hardest task in Ukraine: Convincing Putin he’s losing

~CNN, February 16 2023~

Why Nukes in Belarus?

Putin sought to justify the ultra-provocative move as something necessary to counter NATO: “We are doing what they have been doing for decades,” Putin said.

And he’s referring to Turkey which lies just across the Black Sea from Russia’s south.

In case you missed it, the US, and thus NATO, has kept tactical nukes in Turkey for decades, part of a “nuclear sharing” policy with allies.

So now The New York Times reports, Putin said nukes could be stationed in Belarus as early as the summer.



Tit for tat?

Ironically (or NOT) even if Russia were to transfer some of its warheads, it wouldn’t substantially change the nuclear threat posed by Russia.


They can already target a vast range of territory from inside its own borders… according to the Times.


And again, it’s long been the case that US tactical nukes are hosted in European countries, which Moscow has long condemned.

But, let’s say the Neocon/Russian haters – who have infiltrated the White House – are right about Putin which they’re using to justify WW3.

As a result, here’s what we face.

Russia may not win, but they will not be defeated.

Mutual annihilation of themselves and their enemies is an option, but defeat is not.

Pulling the trigger and hoping the hammer falls on an empty chamber of a gun is a Russian game, and we are fools to play it.

So, explain to me how our creating, funding, and then exacerbating an intramural squabble/Proxy War remotely benefits us?

But Noooooo!

The Neocons in DC won’t consider a ceasefire.

READ: Ceasefire is “Unacceptable?” March 21, 2023

This begs the question: How are you prepared to deal with WW3?

Read our April issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE) to learn what history tells you to do.


And share this with a friend…especially if they think that Ceasefire is Unacceptable.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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