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March Madness and March Chaos

Even if you’re not a college basketball fan you’ve probably seen some of the March Madness and March Chaos during this year’s NCAA tournament.

The kids are having a blast and the fans are loving it.

And that’s how it should be.

However, the March Madness and March Chaos in the global markets has been every bit as wild.

But most people remain clueless.

And most people aren’t paying attention to what’s really going on.

Cue up:  The Sovereign Debt Crisis.

We’ve been hollering about this for several years.

READ$280 Trillion Debt for the Global Reset  November 30, 2020

But now it’s manifesting in real time with two of Europe’s biggest banks – Credit Suisse (CS) and Deutsche Bank (DB) living on life support.

And this is in addition to the dominoes falling (starting with SVB) in American banks.

Ironically (or NOT) our warnings still seem to fall on deaf ears.

Maybe it’s because people actually believe, when the Boyz responsible for this mess say: “I’m Shocked, I tell you…Shocked. Who Could’ve foreseen this happening?”  And they somehow think everything will be fixed.

Or Maybe they don’t want to believe that the financial crisis we’re in could make the 2008 meltdown look like a picnic.

Or Maybe, JUST MAYBE the sheeple have become so thoroughly conditioned (From Covid Lies/Brainwashing) that they’ll believe anything Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for media presstitutes shoves in their face.

That may not be what you want to hear…but it’s the truth.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

~John 8:32~

March Madness and…

The March Madness we’ve seen in the markets has been a great distraction from issues such as…but not limited to:

  1. FTX Money Laundering Scandal
  2. O’Biden’s Classified/Declassified Documents
  3. Ukraine is losing the war and desperate for more $$
  4. O’Biden increases Sanctions against CHINA
  5. Total disregard for how rising interest rates has destroyed most banks balance sheets.

And the Boyz like it that way.


So you don’t see what they’re doing behind the curtain.

Ironically the March Madness for men’s basketball ends in the first weekend in April.

But you can rest assured that March Madness for the global markets will continue to devolve into March Chaos in April.

Contrary to what most people believe we’re still in The Most Hated Bull Market in History.

So be sure to read the April edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE) to learn how to profit from the March Madness and March Chaos.

Share this with a friend…especially if they’re watching the basketball March Madness.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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