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More Will Die from Starvation Than the Flu


In order to put things in perspective – over this global flu farce – you need to look at the numbers from the alleged source of this flu, Wuhan, China.

Out of a city of 11 million, there were only 3,869 deaths, and the total number of cases of COVID-19 in Wuhan was only 50,333.

Do the math…you’ll see it’s a non-event in the big picture.

Obviously, people in the West claimed that China was underreporting.

At the same time, it’s appearing that the West has been overreporting to justify their own prolonged authoritarian lockdown.

Fear of death is being used to suppress discontent which was rising before all this took place.

Do you remember what went on in France or Hong Kong before the Kung Flu appeared?

France is using this virus to combat the Yellow Vest rebellion by pretending this is about health.  In reality it’s about suppressing the people.

Hong Kong has effectively silenced over One Million protestors – every week – who miraculously disappeared.

Social distancing has effectively destroyed any gatherings of people for any reason.

But it goes way beyond that.

The plexiglass we now see in stores is a reminder that it’s not safe to get close to anyone EVER AGAIN.

How Stupid Is That?

Ironically (or NOT) it’s part of the corruption cycle.

Once corruption enters and we begin to see the division tactics of pitting one group against another, the cycle of civilization turns down.

The WHO has been compromised with conflicts of interest and profiteering.  And its recommendations have been undermining not just the economy but the very foundation of civilization.

The blowback from this madness will result in massive food shortages – which are already showing up around the world – which ultimately results in starvation.

The cycle has begun.

And, without a doubt more people will die from starvation then all of the flu viruses combined.

We constantly rant about how Everything is Connected…EVERYTHING.  And the destruction of the global economy is living proof that we’re in the middle of a sinister agenda.

It’s all about Control AND Power.

Don’t take the bait.

Our economic and personal freedoms are what’s most at risk here.

So, instead of trying to just survive over the next few years, learn how to THRIVE in Turbulent Times.

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