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Is Kim Jong Un Dead, a Vegetable, OR…


North Korea’s 3rd Supreme Leader – 36-year-old Kim Jong-un – has been heating up the rumor mill lately.

Speculations range from him being dead, in a vegetated state or alive and well and maintaining a low profile.

So, what is his status?

We don’t know for sure but, as Obama once said, “I only know what I read in the news.”


It seemed like only yesterday when the “news” wanted you to believe that Kim was a threat to the entire world…and that he had nukes ready to bomb California.

Of course, that changed when Trump made it clear that any serious provocation from North Korea would result in them being nuked back to the stone age.

But the question remains, why is Kim Jong un suddenly back in the news?

  • Is it because the presstittes need a new distraction?
  • Is it because North Korean officials claim their country is totally free of coronavirus infections?
  • Do North Koreans even know about the Kung Flu?
  • Is the “Supreme Leader” faking the whole thing so he can secretly cut a deal with the Chinese giving them access to vast abundance of coveted RARE EARTH minerals in North Korea?
  • Or is Kim possibly positioning North Korea as the lynch-pin in the Chinese $900 Billion (so far) “New Silk Road?”
  • Or is Kim the victim of another Polonium 210 poisoning – like Venezuela’s Chavez, Palestinian Yasser Arafat, or ex-Kremlin spy Alexander Litvinenko?


Only time will tell.

However, while the world continues to panic over a virus, China quietly moves forward on the build-out of their “Belt Road Initiative” aka The New Silk Road.

(We wrote about it in 2018…HERE)

One thing we know for sure is the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes are circling above this story like road kill on Route 66.


They’re losing traction on the CoronaHoax so they need another reason to stoke a familiar boogie man back onto the scene.

They also don’t want you to see the impact of the next wave of economic devastation coming down the pike.

Rest assured; it’s coming.

That’s precisely why you need to prepare to take advantage of opportunities of your lifetime in the stock market.

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And would somebody please have Dennis Rodman check-up on Kim.








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