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39 Days in Lock Down and Counting


Yesterday I was surprised to see how some people on Facebook are bragging about how they’ve been locked down and haven’t been out of their homes in weeks.

Some act as if they’ve thrown down the gauntlet to see if anyone in the Facebook world can challenge their record.

They even show pictures of themselves in their homes wearing their masks – as if they’re preventing themselves from infecting themselves.

Seriously?  In Your Own Home?


They even talk about how many rolls of toilet paper they have on hand.

I’m not so sure the toilet paper will help them because they impress me as the type that couldn’t find their ass with both hands.


Sorry for the crass visual.

Check that.

I’m not sorry.  It was funny.

Anyway, I should probably feel sorry for these tormented souls living in fear but I don’t.

The fact that they somehow feel justified bragging about their self-imprisonment leads me to believe they’re also the kind who complain about gun owners who buy lots of ammo.  Or, they use their cell phones to take pictures of others not practicing Social Distancing so they can snitch on them to the authorities.

(Who Are These Authorities, Anyway?)

Doesn’t it make you wonder what it will be like for this crew when, all of a sudden, it’s okay to come out of your home and not wear a mask anymore?

Maybe they’ll claim they can’t go back to work until Bill Gates creates a vaccine that will save the world.  That way they can justify living on unemployment or Kung Flu stimulus money.

Speaking of which, the congress critters approved another near One-Half TRILLION dollars to hand out.

Three questions:

  • Where does this money come from?
  • How is it going to get paid back?
  • What happens when this batch runs out?


The point is giving money away doesn’t solve the problems we face.

It only increases our debt that mathematically can never be paid off.

It’s also speeding up the destruction of the global banking system that will alter our lifestyles far greater than a seasonal virus.

If you want to protect yourself from the increasing economic calamity headed our way, then read our April edition of “…In Plain English.”

You’ll thank us later.

Here’s an excerpt:


And share this with a friend.  They’ll thank YOU later.


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