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JP Morgan Steals FRC for Pennies…2008 Again?

As a result of the largest bank failure since 2008, JP Morgan is the recipient of Federal Republic Bank (FRC) for pennies on the dollar.

This is eerily similar to when they were awarded the carcass of Bear Stearns only days after CNBC’s Court Jester, Jim Cramer, said “Buy Bear Stearns…it’s safe.” 

Back then – and for pennies on the dollar – JP Morgan cashed in on one of world’s largest inventories of silver…compliments of Bear Stearns commodity group.

And unlike the recent failure of SVB and Signature Bank, the bulk of First Republic’s assets/deposits were…wait for it…OTHER BANKS.




Does this mean that JP Morgan and the FDIC have sent a message that the failure of First Republic has “Made Bank Failures Safe Again?”

Or is this a convenient way for the entire banking system to hide the fact that they’re all in worse shape than they were in 2008?

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Or is this just another way to award a five-time Convicted Felon and criminal enterprise – JP Morgan – for covering up the Sovereign Debt Crisis that the banking industry is so desperately trying to avoid.

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Ironically (or NOT) in November 2020 we said:

It’s also why the Globalists NEED Creepy Joe Biden as president.


Biden is the perfect fool to allow Schwab, Gates, Soros, Picketty, and company to pull of their Great Reset.

JP Morgan and Digital Currency

So, it’s not like we haven’t been warning you for several years.

And with the FDIC handing JP Morgan FRC’s assets only adds gasoline to the fire of our government moving closer to eliminating paper money in favor of Digital Currency.

So, who do you think they will use as their Poster Boy for ushering in the Mark of the Beast their Universal Monetary Unit (UMU) aka UNICOIN?

(Cough! JP Morgan, Cough! Cough!)

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BTW, the real reason we reference some of our previous posts is not to pat ourselves on the back…Well, maybe it is…kinda…sorta…

But more importantly we want to point out that we’ve been pounding the table about financial/political corruption for years.

And if you don’t take certain steps to protect yourself from the Globalists behind this madness, you’ll be just like the banksters faking outrage over a crisis saying:

“I’m shocked, I tell you…Shocked…Who Could’ve Foreseen This Happening?

Bottom line???

It’s happening in real time.

And let’s summarize it in the following meme:

Rules Don’t Matter in Times of Panic



Learn more about how not to panic (HERE).

And share this with a friend…before they say:  “I’m Shocked, I tell you…Shocked.”

They’ll thank YOU later.

And remember:

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