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Is Sudan the Next Libya?

In case you missed it, the O’Biden crew is trying to ignore the fact that Sudan is staring into the abyss of a full-blown civil war…and it may be the next Libya.

And, sad to say there are Americans trapped there having to fend for themselves…


This is becoming reminiscent of the Benghazi attack in 2012, where four Americans were murdered in the Libyan civil war.

And were ignored by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who later blew it off with her famous comment “What Difference Does it Make?”

Next Libya?


But unlike the Benghazi, Libya incident – which was an arms deal that went sour – Sudan is riddled in a totally different controversy.


Cue up:  Bio labs in Sudan.

Yes, you read that right.

Bio labs.

Although not too many people are talking about it, the World Health Organization seems to be concerned.




Isn’t it interesting… that the W.H.O.  publicly stated that the US BIOWEAPONS LAB IN SUDAN has been taken hostage by “the bad guys”, and that it’s an “extremely dangerous situation” for us all?

But…and this is a very Big Butt… We never heard a peep out of the WHO – or anyone else – when the US BIOWEAPONS LABS (PLURAL) IN UKRAINE were very dangerously situated there.

In fact, it was denied from all sides.

Maybe this is not getting a lot of coverage because the bio labs in Sudan were funded by Globalists like Bill Gates, Dr. Frauduci, George Soros, etc.

Or Maybe, this is another distraction to take the focus off the fact that Ukraine is losing the war, running out of money (after getting over $120 Billion of OUR TAX DOLLARS) and desperate to get NATO troops more actively involved.

Or Maybe, JUST MAYBE these biolabs were set up to release the next variant – or deadly CoronaHoax to further de-populate the world – but they’ve been exposed, causing a great big OOOOOOPS!

As a result, we now have the Boyz scrambling to cover their collective a**es.

Not Quite the next Libya

And in the meantime, they’re leaving thousands of Americans facing a situation like the ones abandoned in Libya AND Afghanistan.

All thanks to the Ministry of Disinformation, who really don’t give a rip about the Sudanese people nor the Americans left behind.

And especially if those left behind are all Bio Lab workers.

But, ironically (or NOT) they’ll either chalk it up to another Biden administration foreign policy success or blame it on Trump.

With so many biolabs all over the world … gee whizz I wonder if they all lab leaked covid at the same time?

Suffice it to say they Boyz want to keep a lid on this.

Share this with a friend…even if they don’t know where Sudan is.

They’ll thank YOU later.

And be sure to read the May edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE) to learn how to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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