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$280 Trillion Debt for The Global Reset

Try wrapping your brain around $280 Trillion Global Debt.

Why is that number so important?


  1. In numbers it reads: $280,000,000,000,000.
  2. It’s mathematically impossible to pay off.
  3. Thanks to the deliberate Covid-19 manufactured crisis we’re adding Trillions to the total.
  4. By January 2021 we’ll exceed $280 Trillion.
  5. It’s the key to the Sovereign Debt Crisis we’re facing.
  6. Globalists want to force a default in order to usher in The Great Reset.
  7. It’s also why the Globalists NEED Creepy Joe Biden as president.



Biden is the perfect fool to allow Schwab, Gates, Soros, Picketty, and company to pull of their Great Reset.

$280 Trillion Default Coming

First, defaulting on $280 Trillion in debt opens the door for introducing all Digital Currency.

Second, Digital Currency means everything is tracked, followed and TAXED.

Third, it plays into Klaus Schwab’s quote:  “You Will Own Nothing and be Happy About it.”

Ask Yourself this question:  Would President Trump Play Along With the Globalists Agenda?

I know…dumb question.

But, it’s pretty obvious why the Globalists NEED Biden to be president.

Trump is the only thing standing between them and Global Tyranny.

Take a close look at what Biden did last year.

Creepy Joe:


  1. Stayed home all year.
  2. Read 10 minutes once a month off a teleprompter.
  3. Flubbed every sentence and used words no one ever heard before.
  4. Told weird stories about fondling kids.
  5. Yelled at voters.
  6. Promoted chaos and violence.
  7. Now he thinks people are excited about him?



The only ones excited about Biden are the globalists.

And they made sure many votes were illegally cast for him.

Court Decision Coming

Ultimately, we’ll have a decision about who is our president.  And it will most likely be decided in court.

However, the $280 Trillion Debt Elephant in the room ain’t gonna just disappear.

So, in the meantime, GET OUT OF DEBT…especially if you own Government Bonds.

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In it we reveal the safest havens for your money going into 2021.


And share this with a friend.  They’ll thank YOU later.

It’s Not Just About Finance.


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