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Believe All Women?


For reasons unknown to most of us, Creepy Joe Biden is getting a pass on all the sexual harassment charges against him.

Even the #MeToo movement has done an about face when it comes to defending women.

It wasn’t that long ago (2018) when Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was excoriated in front of the world over a claim that turned out to be a pack of lies perpetrated by the Democrat party.

The woman who “claimed” she was harassed by Kavanaugh even admitted under oath she couldn’t remember the specifics of her harassment.

Cue up Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren, who famously told everyone that we should “Believe All Women.”

Ironically, (or NOT) in 2020 there has been a rule change as Ms. Fauxahontas has recently said she’s “Proud to endorse AND believe Joe Biden.”


It’s unbelievable that Creepy Uncle Joe has been openly groping women AND little girls for decades – with overwhelming photo evidence – and is now being endorsed by hypocrites like Fauxahontas and Nancy Pelosi.

What happened to “Believe All Women?”

Obviously, the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes are doing their part to protect Biden and cover-up his perversions by downplaying ignoring the sexual harassment charges from Tara Reade.

This begs the question, Why Protect Biden?

Maybe it’s because the last several times he’s appeared on TV you could tell that he struggled to put two sentences together even when using a teleprompter.

Or maybe he’s “the best they can come up with.”

Or maybe, just maybe, he’s being set up to – very conveniently – being replaced as the Democrat nominee by a more competent female.

Cue up Hillary Clinton, who’s been salivating waiting in the wings for such a time as this.

You can rest assured that she DOESN’T believe all women.

Whatever the reason is we know it’s all part of the sinister mindset of Do Whatever it Takes to Destroy Trump.

If you need more proof simply look at what’s happened to the world in the last few months.

Unfortunately, this will translate into the most controversial violent presidential election we’ve ever seen…with or without Creepy Joe Biden.

Are you prepared?

It’s painfully obvious that certain politicians will stop at nothing to destroy Trump…even if it means crashing the stock market before the election.

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